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  • edit SET
    edited by Tkiley diff
  • new page SET
    created by Tkiley
    New page: SET var=val Sets var to val. SET x="hello" -> x is now "hello" SET (x,y,z)="hello" -> Sets all three vars to the same value SET x=5,y=3,z=x...
  • new page Commands
    created by Tkiley
    New page: COMMANDS IN M An M command must be separated from its arguments, if any, by one (and only one) space. There can be no spaces within or between...
  • edit TRANSLATE
    edited by Tkiley diff
  • new page TRANSLATE
    created by Tkiley
    New page: $TRANSLATE(str, from_table, to_table) Transposes chars in str according to a key->value table of the from_str and to_str arguments. Basically, a...
  • new page CHAR
    created by Tkiley
    New page: $CHAR(int, [int, ..]) Returns a string of the ASCII ints supplied to it. $CHAR(72, 73) -> "HI" $CHAR(-10) -> "" The inverse is $ASCII
  • edit ASCII
    edited by Tkiley diff
  • new page ASCII
    created by Tkiley
    New page: $ASCII(str, index = 1) Returns the ASCII code of the indexth character in str, or -1 if str doesn't have an indexth character. $ASCII("ABC123") ->...
  • new page PIECE
    created by Tkiley
    New page: $PIECE(string, delimiter, field_index) Explode string into an array using delimiter, and return the field_indexth element of the array. ...
  • new page EXTRACT
    created by Tkiley
    New page: $EXTRACT(str, index=1, last_index = index) Extracts a substring from str, starting at index and continuing until last_index. If index is out of...

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